Case Summaries and Client Testimonials


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Wrongful Death: Vehicle Rollover

We negotiated a $1 million settlement of a lawsuit on behalf of the family of an individual who was killed by the rollover of an SUV.

Medical Malpractice

We achieved a $200,000 settlement of two medical malpractice cases for the parents of a baby who died due to a doctor’s negligence.


Personal Injury: Pedestrian

On behalf of a pedestrian who was struck by a motorist, we achieved a settlement for the full amount of the motorist’s auto insurance policy..

Social Security Disability

We successfully represented the victim of a serious back injury in a disability claim. He needed medical help but didn't have health insurance, and TennCare rejected his application. We persuaded TennCare to reconsider, and we received an “on the record” approval. He ultimately obtained coverage and received desperately needed surgeries and other medical treatment.

Workers’ Compensation

We successfully appealed a workers’ compensation case to the Tennessee Supreme Court. The case involved an injured worker who received treatment for a leg injury, but whose complaints about back pain were ignored by his employer and the examining doctor. The Supreme Court awarded our client all the benefits to which he was entitled. 

For the same client, we successfully appealed to federal court a denial of his Social Security Disability benefits. The federal court awarded him permanent Social Security Disability benefits.


Social Security Disability

Life Insurance Coverage

We successfully represented a young woman who was the victim of sexual abuse and chronic self-mutilation. We overcame an initial unfavorable ruling that denied her claim for Social Security disability benefits, but, at a subsequent hearing, a different judge ruled in her favor. The benefits she was awarded have helped her get the help she needs to pursue a normal, productive life.

We successfully argued two cases against life insurance companies. 

  • In the first case, the insurance company argued that it did not have to pay on the policy because the decedent died of a pre-existing condition during the first 24 months after the policy was issued. We successfully argued that the exception for a pre-existing condition did not apply to a group life insurance policy, and the court ordered the insurance company to pay the full amount of the policy. 

  • In another case, the insurance company was ordered to pay to our client $75,000, despite the company’s argument that the man had made a misstatement on his application. We were able to show that he only signed the application and all the boxes were actually checked off by the insurance agent.

Our fee for representing you in your Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice or Social Security Disability claim is based on a percentage of the amount of your award or settlement.

If you do not get paid, we do not get paid.

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